Thursday, April 30, 2009

Kitchen table?

does any one use a patio table/chair set for the kitchen?? i seen one at garden ridge for 99 i loved but not sure if i should get it for kitchen...i am looking for one and not wanting to spend but 100 to 200...

Kitchen table?
its your house - go for it.

you can always replace it when you have more funds to spend or if you decide you don't like it any more.

it will probably look great! :)
Reply:My first dining table in my first apartment, was a closet door panel and some cinder block cement bricks. I stacked two towers of the cinder block bricks, and placed the door slab atop the bricks. I removed the door knob, and put a table cloth over my "creation". It worked so well, that I was able to use it for years. You can adapt anything to what ever you want and need. Just use a little imagination. Don't spend money, unless you just have to.
Reply:just make sure it has some kind of rubber casters on the leg bottoms...they didnt have linoleum in mind when they made these tables...
Reply:Sure if you love it go for it. When we moved into our home 10 years ago now we didn't have a dining room table but we did have a beautiful patio set with a glass top. We used it until we found a new table but to tell you the truth I think I liked the patio set better.. LOL
Reply:if thats what you want then do it, i love that kind of furniture too it would look good
Reply:A house is not a home until you make it your own. If you love it and it suits your personality then by all means, buy it! Ecclectic suits a lot of us and it gives our homes character. I always try to think outside the envelope when shopping for home decor and my friends always say, "Gosh this looks so great. I would never have thought to do this." Decorating is so much more fun when you spend your hard earned money on something that you love. Never buy anything that you don't.....

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